Front of Raisbeck Aviation High School - across from Boeing Field and the Museum of Flight

Front of Raisbeck Aviation High School – across from Boeing Field and the Museum of Flight

Raisbeck Aviation High School is a small public school in the Highline School District but open to all students, by application. Aviation and Aerospace is the school’s theme with a heavy emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), project based and real world learning.

With the generous start-up grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and continuing support from the Office of Career & College, RAHS students have access to a range of additional opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, to help prepare them for careers.

  • 9th graders participate in Aviation Careers, a semester-long course to understand careers in the aviation and aerospace industries. They learn networking, participate in job fairs, and shadow professionals at SeaTac International Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • 10th graders connect with industry professionals who volunteer as mentors, helping students clarify goals, establish timelines, network, etc.
  • 10th & 11th graders are encouraged to participate in industry internships.
  • 12th graders tie the pieces together in their senior project, 13th year & beyond plan, or both.


Sophomores and highly motivated freshmen are invited to join our Mentoring Program. Currently over 150 industry professionals are paired with students for 1:1 or small group mentoring. While a mentor commits to monthly meetings for one year, often the relationships last through high school and into college. Job shadowing and career related experiences in industry settings are encouraged.

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Work based learning experiences, often during the summer, can have a profound impact on a student’s career decisions and give a boost to a resume and college application. Raisbeck Aviation High School students have interned at The Boeing Company, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Hytek Esterline, The Museum of Flight, Planetary Resources, The Port of Seattle and many other sites. All RAHS internship sites have been impressed by the caliber of students and are continuing to participate in the program.

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Raisbeck Aviation High School students learn from a myriad of career related experiences beyond the classroom including industry tours at Boeing, the FAA, and the Port of Seattle. They help at symposiums like the Pacific Northwest AIAA Technical Symposium and attend aviation related galas like the Joe Sutter Dinner or Pathfinder Event at the Museum of Flight. Students observe and are inspired by aviation and aerospace professionals at work and hone their networking skills.

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Community Services

Community service at Raisbeck Aviation High School allows high school students to interact and get involved with their community. There are many different opportunities to consider as students begin to give back and accumulate hours of service such as, adopting a highway, relays for life, working at a food bank, or volunteering at homeless shelters or animal shelters.
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